Gov. Bruce Rauner continues to portray AFSCME, the union representing 38,000 Illinois employees, as greedy and itching for a strike, but his case against the union is weak. It was Rauner, after all, who walked away from contract negotiations with the union, and who is trying to get the state labor relations board to declare contract talks at an impasse. This week the Rauner administration circulated a rumor that the union is threatening to fine its own members if they don’t participate in a planned strike. The union replied that 1) no strike is planned 2) no fines are planned and 3) the rumors are all part of the governor’s “misinformation campaign.” AFSCME knows better than to strike in this political and economic climate, but Rauner seems intent on forcing public employees out if he can. –Fletcher Farrar, editor and publisher

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