In Hamilton, the musical, at one point the lead character knows trouble is coming. “In the eye of a hurricane,” he sings, “There is quiet/ For just a moment/A yellow sky.” In this week’s cover story, Sen. Sam McCann is using the calm before the storm to gather petition signatures. If he gets enough by the end of June he’ll become a major obstacle to Bruce Rauner’s reelection. The General Assembly has until the end of May to approve a budget or face another impasse. “Not having a budget for two years was the worst thing I have seen in 50 years,” declared former governor Jim Edgar on a panel last week, p. 10. The storm clouds are gathering over Illinois, but we make the best of the quiet. Our food columnist, Ashley Meyer, reminds us the Old Capitol Farmers Market opens on Saturday. See p. 16 for “The best time of the food year.” –Fletcher Farrar, editor and CEO

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