On a grey day in November I learned Jim Herron, Ltd. is moving out of downtown to The Gables out west. The first time I wear something new my daughter says, "Let me guess. . . Jim Herron's?," knowing I never shop anywhere else. The sign in the window at Wyndham City Centre says the store is moving after 45 years downtown, which sent my memory to the store's original location in the lobby of the INB, now the PNC bank building, where it was till 1985. There I bought the classic wool overcoat I still wear, still mostly in style I think. Jim Herron sold the store to Marc Maslauski in 2006, but still worked there until a few years ago. Herron said he's happy for the move that will give his namesake store a new lease on life. A Springfield native who as a kid delivered newspapers downtown, Herron said he's still a "downtown guy," just sad it's not "lively" like it was. "Things change," he said. –Fletcher Farrar, editor and CEO

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