Newcomer JB Pritzker made a good start toward replacing Illinois' flat tax with a fair tax. Now that his effort to pass a constitutional amendment has failed, it's good that he's vowed not to give up. "You deserved a fairer tax system and you still do," he told Illinoisans. After spending millions of his own money on the failed effort, he deserved to fume: "Millionaires and billionaires opposed it to protect their own wallets, deceiving the public about its purpose, and they prevailed," he said. Yes, that's what they do. Now shake it off, gov. You've been at this for two years or so. Many have been fighting the unfair flat tax, and its unfair costs to human services and social justice, for much longer. Welcome to the fight. Hang in for the long haul. –Fletcher Farrar, editor and CEO

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