King Day came and went this year with the usual good feeling. The Frontiers International breakfast swarmed with politicians rarely seen in Springfield – Aaron Schock, Rodney Davis. . . even Sue Scherer was there. The speaker was, as usual, all over the place but she didn’t go on too long, so we were all grateful as we sang once more, “We Shall Overcome.” There was no spark. A lot of good people have lost interest. All the dream talk makes equality sound more like a fantasy than a goal. At the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement, King Day is beginning to be seen as a commemoration rather than a rededication. Even the attempted retooling to make this a “day on rather than a day off,” with President Obama and his daughters serving in a soup kitchen, has fallen flat. It’s not service we need, but justice. Half of all black children in Sangamon County live in poverty. If we could all spend a day in January making plans to change that, King Day could become relevant again. –Fletcher Farrar, editor and publisher

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