Eddie Korosa & the Boys from Illinois

As the son of “America’s Prince of Polkas,” 7-year-old Eddie Jr. began playing drums for his dad’s world-renowned polka band and on his Emmy-nominated television show. By the time young Eddie had picked up the accordion, his life’s work was before him as he followed in the footsteps of his famous father to build a storied and successful career of his own. Eddie and “the Boys” perform polkas (and a surprising amount of other genres as well) from sea to shining sea, across the pond in all directions and at nearly every Oktoberfest known to mankind. In fact, before the band shows up to Springfield they will have already played at the Havana Oktoberfest earlier in the day (it’s their 38th year of playing the river city festival). They’re booked to play almost 50 O-fests before the 2018 season is over, not counting the several other gigs on their books that are not called “Oktoberfests,” just to give you an idea of the popularity and reach of this fabulous, famous and wonderful working band.

Eddie Korosa & the Boys from Illinois
Saturday, Sept. 8, 7pm
Knights of Columbus Hall 364
Oktoberfest includes
German Heidelberg Band
Joe Polach & the St. Louis Express

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