for me the scariest latest news:
the verification of the prediction
fifteen years ago when warned
the world had some ten years to get
its ducks lined up to slow or stop
climate change instead we’ve been
shooting ducks except a few places 
holland florida mayors atolls with
seas rising to people’s knees what  
was the prediction? climate change
will affect the great ocean currents
such as the gulf stream it keeps our
east coast warm also most of Europe
well it’s happening the warming sea 
isn’t only extincting species bacteria 
whales plankton it’s changing crops
lives livelihoods we think we have
refugees now? there’ll be kazillions
more yes even us fighting for habitat
pumplines continue to spill trump guts
the epa science is spit on and steven
hawking said we’d better find another
planet since we are destroying our own

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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