EARL LEROY THROOP, SR. July 22, 1944-June 20, 2018
Big tree down

Everybody called him “Throop,” like that was his first name. He was my tree guy for the past 30 years, as I nurtured properties in a neighborhood of big trees. I always enjoyed it when he’d arrive in his big new truck – no matter what year it was, he had a big new truck – to scope the work and give me an estimate. As we wandered under big hackberries, sycamores, sweet gums and pin oaks, Throop was free with advice. “I wouldn’t take that one down, that’s a nice tree.” Or, “We need to raise the canopy on that one.” When I was concerned about the tree shading and dropping leaves in my fish pond, he said I’d built my fish pond in the wrong place. After limbs and trees came down in a storm, he’d take care of me right away. His crew, under the command of Earl Throop, Jr., always did the dangerous work thoroughly, professionally, safely, with the best equipment. Throop and Son Tree Service continues, showing the wisdom of father working with son all those years. Some people choose contractors by price alone, which is OK the first time. But over the years relationship matters more. Once you build a relationship, the price is right and the work is good. I’ll miss working with “Throop.”

–Fletcher Farrar, longtime customer

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