When the Decatur City Council voted 6-1 in September to disallow sales of recreational marijuana within city limits, it also voted against putting the question to the people in a referendum. But knowing that people denied pot are powerful, Springfield attorney Sam Cahnman volunteered his services to help a group calling itself the Decatur Dispensary Project to put the question on the ballot anyway. The group needs to gather 1,924 signatures by Dec. 16 to get the referendum on the March ballot, asking voters whether dispensaries should be allowed in the city limits. The result would not be binding. “If an overwhelming majority of voters voted yes in the city of Decatur, you’d think that would have an influence on some members of the city council,” Cahnman told the Decatur Herald & Review. Council members had said they were concerned about public safety, but apparently hadn’t considered safety on I-72, where increased traffic to Springfield dispensaries and back, impaired or not, might be a factor.

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