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Welcome to Springfield, Ill., home of Lincoln. The map on the opposite page features some of the city’s historic sites and places of interest. Besides visiting individual venue websites, you can access some venue info (and a Bar and Restaurant Directory) via the Illinois Times calendar at

Getting around

For those traveling by motor vehicle, the map includes locations of parking garages, parking lots and the directions of one way streets to help you get around downtown. For those looking for other modes of transportation, Springfield Mass Transit District offers a “Historic Sites Route.” Service begins at 8:15 a.m. Monday through Saturday (no service on holidays) and you can ride all day for only $3. Buses run every half hour. Visit their website at or phone, 217-522-5531.

History Comes Alive!

Downtown historic sites participate throughout the year in a program called History Comes Alive! Live performances, including storytellers, period music and costumed interpreters, really bring the sights and sounds from the past alive. You will be transported to Lincoln’s time. For information on these events visit the calendar at, phone 217-545-7300 or go to


A. Abraham Lincoln 

Presidential Library

112 N. Sixth St., 800-610-2094. Hours: 

9am-5pm Mon-Fri, exhibits only. Hours 

subject to change, please call. Free.

B. Abraham Lincoln 

Presidential Museum

212 N. Sixth St., 800-610-2094. Hours: 

Daily, 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. Hours subject 

to change, please call. Admission.

C. Capitol Complex Visitors Center

425 S. College St., 217-524-6620.
Hours: 8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri.
Closed holidays. Free.

D. Dana-Thomas House

301 E. Lawrence St., 217-782-6776. 

Hours: 9am-4pm Wed-Sun. Last tour 

3:50pm. Hours subject to change, 

please call. Donation.

E. Elijah Iles House: Museum 

of Springfield History

628 S. Seventh St., 217-492-5929. 

Hours: 12-4pm Wed and Sat and by 

appt. Closed Nov-Mar. Donation.

F. Executive Mansion

410 E. Jackson St., 217-782-6450. 

Hours: 9:30-11:30am, 2-3:30pm Tue 

and Thu, 9:30-11am Sat. Free.

G. Grand Army of the Republic
Memorial Museum

629 S. Seventh St., 217-522-4373. 

Hours: 10am-4pm Tue-Sat. Closed 

Jan-Feb. Donation.

H. Illinois State Capitol

301 S. Second St., 217-782-2099. 

Hours: 8am-4pm Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm 

Sat. Free.

I. Illinois State Library

Gwendolyn Brooks Bldg. 300 S.

Second St., 217-785-5600. Hours: 

8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri. Free.

J. Illinois State Museum

502 S. Spring St., 217-782-7386. 

Hours: 8:30am-5pm Mon-Sat, 

12-5pm Sun. Free.

K. Korean War National Museum

9 S. Old Capitol Plaza, 

217-523-7230. Hours: 10am-5pm 

Tue-Sat. Donation.

L. Lincoln Depot

10th & Monroe St Monday to 

Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 

Call for availability, 217/544-8695 

(depot) or 217/544-8443

M. Lincoln Family Pew

First Presbyterian Church, 

321 S. Seventh St., 217-528-4311. 

Hours: Jun-Sept., 10am-4pm 

Mon-Thu, 10am-12pm Fri. Also 

by appt. Free.

N. Lincoln-Herndon Law Office

1 S. Old Capitol Plaza, 217-785-7960. 

Hours: 10am-5pm daily April 15-

Sept. 6, 10am-5pm Tue-Sat Sept. 7-

April 14.. Extended summer hours. 

Hours subject to  change, please call. 


O. Lincoln Home National 

Historic Site

426 S. Seventh St., 217-391-3221. 

Hours: Daily, 8:30am-5pm. Free. 


P. Lincoln Home Visitor Center

426 S. Seventh St., 217-391-3221. 

Hours: Daily, 8:30-5pm. Free.

Q. Lincoln Ledger

Chase Bank, 1 E. Old State Capitol 

Plaza.  217-527-3860. Hours: 

8am-5:30pm Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm 

Sat. Free.

R. Old State Capitol

1 Old State Capitol Plaza, 

217-785-7960. Hours: 9am-5pm 

Mon-Sun. Extended summer 

hours. Hours subject to change, 

please call. Donation.

S. Prairie Capital Convention Center

1 Convention Center Plaza 


T. Springfield Convention

and Visitors Bureau

109 N. Seventh St., 800-545-7300. 

Hours: 8am-4:30pm Mon-Fri.

U. Union Square Park

212 N. Seventh St., 

217-557-4588. Hours: Daily, 

8am-10pm. Free.

V. Union Station Visitor Center

500 E. Madison St., 217-557-4588. 

Hours: Daily, 9am-5pm. Hours 

subject to change, please call. 


W . Vachel Lindsay State Historic Site

603 S. Fifth St., 217-524-0901. 

Hours: 10am-4pm Tue-Sat. Hours 

subject to change, please call. 


Public Parking Garages and Lots

Sixth and Capitol

Sixth and Madison

Sixth between Washington
and Adams (underground)

Seventh and Capitol 

(under public library)

Seventh at Lincoln Home

Seventh and Monroe

Seventh and Washington

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