Downhome, Rumble Down and more

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Wayward Motel plays the Downhome Music Festival this Saturday night.

Now that was a mostly fun and seemingly speedy ride through the muggy month of July for 2022. Here we are hitting old "Jewel-Eyes" last weekend with lots of doings, so let's take a look at the upcoming days ahead and see what's out there to hear.

We have a couple of festivals going on this weekend, one old friend in the city and a newcomer in the country. Let's start with the Downhome Music Festival happening downtown on Seventh between Washington and Adams. The fest, kicking off at 5 on Friday evening and Saturday at 2 in the afternoon and ending at the stroke of midnight on both nights, features two stages, one on each end of the Seventh Street stretch, with alternating bands so there's only one music group playing outside at a time, but no lag between performances. Then there's a third stage inside Anvil and Forge with acoustic acts on Saturday, plus plenty of craft beer stands, food vendors and local artists all over as well. Check out the fest's Facebook page for a lineup (too many to mention here) and other important information.

The neat thing about Downhome is the all-original, locally based lineup with everyone participating playing their own songs, and the money made at the door after expenses is distributed among the festival performers. That's some real dollars and cents encouragement for writing and performing your own stuff. Now in its 11th year, mucho thanks go to Josh Catalano and crew, as well as the many volunteers, for doing the hard work necessary so this fun showcase for a whole bunch of our area's songwriting bands goes on year after year. And it's good to know there are plenty of other original acts that aren't playing here, just to give you a glimpse of what the Springfield scene of homemade music covers.

Now let's head for the hills and check out the Rumble Down Festival held on Friday and Saturday (all day and night both days) at The Kampground near Mechanicsburg. This is a mostly progressive jamgrass-band event with camping available (primitive, cabins or RVs) including lots of kid-friendly activities and craft vendors, plus food and drinks as well. The music lineup is loaded, so I'll ask you to visit their Facebook page to learn of all the acts scheduled and find info on what to do and where to go.

This is the first annual Rumble Down fest and it's organized and promoted by Bear's Havyn, an area group of music lovin' folks getting together to get the vibe out to other music lovin' folks who share a love for good-time get-togethers in a, shall we say, Dead-ish kinda way, if you know what I mean. Here's to wishing Bear and bunch well on starting a tradition of a successful live music festival, because we like those things around here.

There's lots else going on, so let's take a peek around. Downtown on Fourth and Adams, Buzz Bomb Brewing Company keeps things a-hoppin' with The Pickin' Pear, a "folk 'n' roll" duo on Thursday, the national touring act of 60s-70s-influenced singer-songwriters, Marty Bush and Natalie Prauser on Friday. Saturday night brings our very own David Lumsden Blues + Band, with special guest Kylan Davis, along with able openers Joel Gragg and the Filaments.

Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters booked a big weekend in the area with shows at Coz's Pizza on Friday, Girard's Festival Days on Saturday and Motorhead's Motordome on Sunday afternoon. Go Geech, go.

Well, I'm all worn out just thinking about everything there is to do. See you later.

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