Capitol Canine Training Club Inc., a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1965 and sanctioned by the American Kennel Club in 1975. This weekend it will host two days of American Kennel Club-licensed agility trials. An agility trial is a timed dog sport in which the dog and its handler negotiate an obstacle course that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Courses typically have 14 to 20 obstacles including jumps, ramps, weave poles, tunnels, seesaws and A-frames.  To earn a qualifying score, a dog must complete the course with the minimum defined standards of time, faults and points without receiving any non-qualifying deductions.  Admission is free, however AKC regulations stipulate that dogs that are not competing in the trials are not allowed in the venue.

Agility trials
Oct. 19-20, 8am Sat-Sun
Illinois State Fairgrounds
Livestock Center
801 E. Sangamon Ave.

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