The original “Hollow” band around town, these guys started up in 2001 and played around the area for several years. Now about a decade after disbanding, fast friends and fellow musicians Antone DeRocchi, Mark LeVault and Tom Beverly are back for a Doc Hollow encore experience. They played their first together-again gig in early July to a packed house and are now out to kick off the Labor Day weekend with a show in the newly established outdoor space at the Lucky Moon Saloon, located on the frontage road between Chatham and Glenarm. The music format is acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies, centering on the traditionally styled songs of guys such as Paul Simon, Neil Young, James Taylor and Bob Dylan, but these fellers can also put the punch out there with upbeat tunes by the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Stevie Wonder and Santana. How can you go wrong when two out of the three players come with two capital letters already installed in their last names? It’s Hollow-time.

Doc Hollow
Friday, August 30, 7pm
Lucky Moon Saloon
10041 Palm Road

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