Dist. 186 Supt. tests positive for COVID-19

Supt. Gill and family were tested after experiencing "mild coughs"

click to enlarge Jennifer Gill, superintendent of Springfield Public Schools. - PHOTO BY PATRICK YEAGLE
Jennifer Gill, superintendent of Springfield Public Schools.

District 186 Superintendent Jennifer Gill learned she was COVID-positive on Wednesday night, according to a statement. Gill and family were tested after having “mild coughs.” Gill worked from home on Wednesday, and last worked at the administrative office on Tuesday. On Monday, Gill and other board members convened in-person for the school board meeting. Meetings had previously been conducted via Zoom over past months.

Board president, Scott McFarland, told The State-Journal Register he wished the superintendent and her family well and said, “Out of an abundance of caution, I will be quarantining myself until I am able to be tested. We must all remember that this virus is very real, and our community needs to work together to protect our neighbors.”

The building Gill’s office is in houses administrative departments such as HR and school support. The building at 1900 W. Monroe will be closed to the public on Thursday and Friday for deep cleaning, and employees will work remotely, according to the statement.

Gill said she had been taking “all the proper precautions” such as social distancing, mask-wearing and avoiding large gatherings, and does not know the source of her and her family’s exposure to the virus.

Gill has communicated with those she has had close personal contact with, and is cooperating with the Sangamon County Department of Public Health for contact tracing. She will be in home isolation “for the recommended duration.”

“She felt it was important to share this information publicly for transparency and to encourage the community to continue to take all the proper precautions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19,” the statement read.

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