dies irae terrae # 13: new year

inauguration over new era begun much to

repair much to get on with: vaccs must

come first heal people then people heal

planet at least stanch the hemorrhaging

it's not like we haven't been warned – 18th

century malthus my dad reported in a 1954

speech told us our world was finite could

support only a number we were already close

to exceed he himself was helping that climb

with his and others' work improving corn

improving cows he said a day of reckoning

would surely come: if we didn't act soon our

world would do it for us – well it's happening

now and has been – my dad didn't know of land –

mass drift temps rising water rising but we've

been aware a long time now: there's maybe ten

years to halt reverse read kolbert mckinnon others

we must take action for an earth worth leaving to

grandkids, gr-gr-grands – perhaps this covid living is

preparing us to do much more with much much less

2021 Jacqueline Jackson

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