Dexter Anodyne and Greenhouse Opera

A self-taught, artistically driven musician, proficient on several instruments, as well as an accomplished vocalist and songwriter, Dexter Anodyne gives it her all as she gives it all to produce profoundly interesting and distinctly creative music. When accompanied by Ryan Cox (drums) and Isaac Barrett (bass, guitar), Dexter transforms into Greenhouse Opera, a self-described “alt-psych rock” band that delves into a world where classic sounds become new again through purposeful and accidental experimentation. About a month ago, she released Weeping Venus, an eight-song, solo album available on CD and streaming formats at Bandcamp. The recording is provocatively atmospheric and full of surprises, all topped with Dexter’s emotive and mellifluous voice that never ceases to simultaneously amaze, soothe and slightly trouble. The transformative trio also has a show at Dumb Records on Oct. 4 and one on Oct. 12 at Handlebar Pizza & Pub in Jacksonville. Check out her YouTube channel for tasteful and creative videos of original tunes, plus a pretty spectacular cover of Bjork’s Pagan Poetry.

Dexter Anodyne
Greenhouse Opera
Saturday, Sept. 21, 8pm
Bar None

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