Defendant flees Logan County courthouse

Sheriff's office to review procedures

Logan County sheriff Steven Nichols says that his office will review security procedures after a convicted burglar fled the courthouse on Wednesday afternoon.

Daron Mauney, who has a long criminal history, was facing revocation of probation on a burglary conviction when he ran. He remained at large on Thursday morning.

“My guys chased him, but he outran us,” Nichols said. “I’m going to look at it and see if there was something we could have done to prevent it. We’ll take a look at it and see if there needs to be some revisions.”

Nichols said that Mauney fled after Logan County Associate Judge Bill Workman ordered him taken into custody. “When he stepped out of the courtroom, he bolted,” Nichols said.

Nichols said that he doesn’t consider Mauney to be dangerous. “He’s been in town his whole life,” Nichols said. “I would say he’s always been involved in small criminal things. … He made his appearance and didn’t want to go back to jail.”

Court records show that Mauney, who was born in 1995, has a criminal record dating to 2013, when he faced misdemeanor charges of theft and trespassing. In addition to a felony burglary conviction for which probation was revoked on Wednesday, he has also faced a felony charge of theft, as well as misdemeanor charges of resisting police and trespassing.

Mauney’s escape marks the second time in recent months that a defendant has fled or attempted to flee the Logan County courthouse. In June, Jessy Bialeschki, who was facing four felony charges that included criminal sexual assault and domestic battery, tried to bolt as he was being found guilty of contempt of court after failing a drug test. After scuffling with court security officers, he was tackled and subdued with the help of a defense attorney who was in the courtroom on another matter. He is now facing three felony battery charges in connection with the incident. Bialeschki and a security officer were both injured during the melee and required hospitalization.

Nichols said that the two incidents aren’t comparable. For one thing, he said, Bialeschki was under the influence of drugs when he attempted to flee.

“In all honesty, it’s two totally different situations,” Nichols said.

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