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Untitled Document On crime…
During the administration of Mayor Tim Davlin, Springfield’s crime problem — drug use, juvenile violence, unsolved homicides — has been ignored, says challenger Bruce Strom. On Feb. 8, Strom, a three-term alderman, outlined a plan to address crime and reorganize the Springfield Police Department.

Bruce Strom • Wants to reestablish the SPD’s major-case unit and the gang task force and assign two Springfield police officers to the Sangamon County Drug Investigation Response Team so the city and county can share resources in battling the drug problem in Springfield. Strom is also calling for the release of the 2,300-page Illinois State Police investigation of detectives Jim Graham and Paul Carpenter and has filed Freedom of Information Act requests with Davlin and ISP director Larry Trent. • On paying for SPDreorganization: “My plan for realigning the Springfield Police Department will not need additional funding.  This is simply putting our resources where they are needed. It is about identifying priorities and responding effectively. We must solve these murders, we must get a handle on youth violence, and we must win the fight against drugs in Springfield.”
• Furthermore: “I am committed to not raising taxes or fees. I stated that during my announcement some weeks back and continue to believe that we can accomplish a great deal without again turning to the hardworking men and women of Springfield.”

Tim Davlin • Just-approved fiscal year 2008 budget includes money for 40 new police cruisers. Davlin refuses to comment on or release a copy of the ISP investigation of detectives Graham and Carpenter. • On Strom’s plan: “He doesn’t have a plan; he’s got a press release. He’s got to come up with a plan — what taxes or fees he’s going to raise to come up with the money. If he comes up with a way to pay for it, those are wonderful, wonderful ideas.”
• How Davlin plans to fight crime: “We are at our lowest unemployment rate in 8 years right now — you can fight crime a different way. One way is to make sure you have as many people employed as you possibly can. That’s different than putting police on the streets, but there are statistics that show if you lower unemployment, you lower the crime rate.”

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