This event sends those interested in urban agriculture and communal gardening on a self-guided tour of more than 20 school, neighborhood and community gardens plus the rooftop garden at Maldaner’s Restaurant. The free tour requires no advance registration, and the self-guided aspect of the tour enables cruisers the opportunity to explore each garden to their heart’s content. The bike tour kicks off from the Springfield Art Association at 10 a.m., while the car tour departs from the same location at 1 p.m. Much like the gardens themselves, this tour is the result of a community collaboration made possible by Grow Springfield, genHkids, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Illinois Stewardship Alliance, U of I Extension, Kumler Outreach, Lincoln Land Community College, Butler Elementary School and Maldaner’s Restaurant. Additional information about the Roots to Rooftop tour and community and rooftop gardening is available at

Roots to Rooftop Tours
Sunday, July 19
Bike tour: 10am
Car tour: 1pm
Springfield Art Association
700 N. Fourth Street

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