Nov. 6, 1944 – Aug. 21, 2019

Craig Mannschreck passed away in August after bravely battling lymphoma for three months, and he will be dearly missed by his team at Resource One and in the Springfield business community. He enjoyed dual citizenship, splitting his time between Springfield and his hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri. For 18 years, Craig was a weekday fixture of downtown as a business owner, landlord, resident and merry soul. It is hard to find a shop owner or long time downtown office worker that did not recognize Craig from his daily jaunts in a freshly pressed shirt, tie and slacks. Craig would stop to talk to everyone from a bookshop owner to a bank president – treating everyone with respect and courtesy. He never walked past a person on the street without asking them how they were. He knew many homeless by name and offered them help in the form of advice or a friendly ear. He was well-loved and respected by his employees as a kind-hearted and wise boss, and he always took a keen interest in his team’s personal accomplishments and family lives. A proud Marine, an American hero and a kind soul – we’ll miss you, Craig. Submitted by his business partner, Chris Davis

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