make your gathering legendary

Photo courtesy Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau

Springfield hosts hundreds of gatherings each year of all sizes and interests. With nearly 4,000 hotel rooms and state of the art facilities, we have the flexibility to create unique events your attendees will love. You might already know that Springfield is a great choice for your event, but did you know our full service Convention & Visitors Bureau staff has over 165 years of experience to help bring your vision to life?

Simply let us know what is important to you and we will identify attractive choices that best meet your needs. We’ll work with our partners to create customized, unique proposals specifically for your group’s goals. Our service continues with attendance-building promotional materials to build excitement for your event in Springfield and a list of concierge services such as registration assistants, welcome booths, name badges and local site tour agendas, just to name a few.

Choose Springfield for your next convention or event and your attendees will thank you!
Talk to a sales associate today: 217.789.2360 x 5520.

Stop by our visitors center or check out our website to learn more ways to live legendary.

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