sometimes something defines

a life (besides one's being itself)

my cousin, a post grad from ohio

working in israel was alone in

the office of antiquities all those

in charge off at a meeting when

a group of bedouins showed

up with an arm full of scrolls

they'd found in an unexplored

cave my cousin had enough

training and knowledge to

realize these discoveries were

ancient; these men needed to be

welcomed with respect the scrolls

subsequently intensively studied

came to be known as "the dead sea

scrolls" the rest of my cousin's life

was dedicated to the interpretation

and importance of this find you can

note his name john c trever on dust

jackets read his words I sometimes

wonder what his life might have been

were he not in the right place at the

right time I also sometimes wonder

what time, place I might have missed

or any of us for that matter but

it's of course just idly wondering

2022 Jacqueline Jackson

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