One-of-the-largest street festivals in our area, the Decatur Celebration has something for everyone Aug 3-5. It’s free and it’s downtown. Headliners include Billy Ocean, Spin Doctors, Color Me Badd, Love & Theft, American Idol finalist Casey James, Big Daddy Weave, LeCrae, The Trammps featuring Earl Young, Mitch Ryder and Michael “Supe” Granda of The Ozark Mountain Daredevils. There’s also local music, arts, crafts, a wine garden, carnival and so much more. The parade kicks off Saturday at 10 a.m. Remember, though admission is free, food and drink wristbands cost $6 on site. Visit for all the details on this three-day bonanza.

Decatur Celebration
Friday, Aug. 3, 5-11pm
Saturday, Aug. 4, 10am-11pm
Sunday, Aug. 5, 11am-9:30pm
Downtown Decatur

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