Approximately 90 power plants in Illinois use coal-burning energy. CWLP’s Dallman 4 is one of them. Coal ash, an unfortunate side effect of coal-burning power plants, is a toxic chemical that has been linked to polluting ground water, drinking water and air; destroying habitats for fish and other wildlife; and quickly evaporating lake levels. On Tuesday, June 30, the Sangamon Valley Group of the Sierra Club will host a screening of Coal Ash Stories, four short films by the Working Films Reel Power initiative that illustrate the public health concerns, policy issues and ways that communities are responding to the coal ash threat. Attendees will view all four films, talk with one of the filmmakers and learn exactly how coal ash is affecting our community and how to help stop this threat. For more information on the event, visit For a preview of the film, visit

Coal Ash Stories Screening

Tuesday, June 30, 6:30-8pm

Lincoln Library

326 S. Seventh St. 



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