community concert poem #2

what makes an item have value? my

sister remembers this as madison

I recall it as at a beloit community

concert but no matter – the action is

the same a famous violinist was playing

was it heifetz? menuhin? szigeti? too long

ago for perlman, joshua bell – anyway

the soloist broke a string I have never

seen anyone change a string as rapidly

as he did – then tuned, picked up right

where he'd left off – a second after the

final applause that closed the concert

my sister scrambled to the stage fell to her knees retrieved the broken string the virtuoso had dropped (I think an A)

she kept it in a velvet box in her bedroom

(she was of course an aspiring fiddler) – I

used to sneak reverent peeks at that string

she doesn't know where it is now but

surely it was never never thrown away

2021 Jacqueline Jackson

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