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Little Love Stories

Millions of words have been written on the subject of love, whether in books, poems, plays or songs. In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked Illinois Times' readers to share their own love stories with us, but in 100 words or less...

  • On target

    By Karen Ackerman Witter

  • New year, new you

    By Karen Ackerman Witter

  • Sugar and the American diet

    By Karen Ackerman Witter

  • Why you should learn to cook

    By David Radwine

  • Resilience

    By Ashley Meyer

  • Please, help me get some sleep

    By C. Leslie Smith, M.D.

  • Health opportunities

    By Stacie Lewis

  • It's all in your head

    By Marcel Yoder

  • Valentine Love Notes

    By Illinois Times Staff

  • Down on the farm

    By David Blanchette

  • First Night Springfield 2019

    By Joseph Copley

  • Honeyland

    @ AMC Classic Parkway Pointe 8

    Tue., Feb. 18, 7-9 p.m.