From her rural raisings in southeast Colorado, farm girl Clare Dunn came out from behind the plow to plant seeds into country music’s field of opportunity. Once, she spent her time driving trucks and tractors, now she’s traveling the nation singing her songs of real life experiences to country radio audiences. She’s opened for some of the biggest names in the business, including Keith Urban, Hank Jr., Jamey Johnson, Florida Georgia Line and many others. Clare comes at you as a female triple threat, doing her own guitar-slinging, songwriting and singing with a hot band to back it up. “Get Out,” her debut single is burning up country radio and went Top 20 on the Music Row Country Breakout chart. As they say, she’s a little bit country and a little bit rock (some roll, too) bringing a fresh new sound to break new ground in the world of modern country music. She’s also on the bill at the huge, cool, brand-new Phases of the Moon Festival scheduled for Sept. 11-14 up near Danville.

Clare Dunn
Saturday, Aug. 9, 8pm

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