my daughter Damaris wrote this note

to her grandparents when she was 25.

I found it saved in my parents' papers.

Damaris – ever loved as she was loving –

thought of daily but more so holidays – !

left this life by her own hand in 2010.

"Happy Yule 1978!

Dear Gram and Gramp,

I want to send my best wishes

for the season and tell you again

that I love you both. I'm thinking

that I've seen the farm in a good

many seasons and weathers now;

the beautiful mountain ash, the hay,

birds on the feeder, alfalfa and corn,

the falling snow, the placid pond.

How wonderful to share this place

and these seasons with you.

See you soon!

Your granddaughter Demi"

2020 Jacqueline Jackson

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