Chris Bradley & Jennifer Hood

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Chris Bradley & Jennifer Hood
Chris Bradley & Jennifer Hood
In an unpredictable world, it’s so nice to hear a pair of studied and stellar music makers playing good songs well. Jen learned her singing lessons bluegrass song-style, at home from the family in Shelbyville, Ill., directly from her parents, both accomplished musicians. She cultivated her naturally gifted singing voice in school choirs while attending Decatur’s Millikin University and recently developed her guitar playing, adding depth and musicality to the duo. Chris began his music work as a young man of 13, learning guitar and vocals in country music. Lured into rock-n-roll, he fronted several rock bands before turning his attention to acoustic-style performances. He’s a wonderful vocalist and an accomplished flat-picker and finger-style player on the acoustic guitar, preferring the sweet sounds of a Martin Dreadnought. The two began working as a musical duo in 2009, combining a similar taste for Americana-roots music with a desire to play well and sound good. Based in Decatur, they work to deliver heartfelt music with skillfully produced vocals and talented musicianship to audiences everywhere.

Chris Bradley & Jennifer Hood
Friday, April 3, 7:30pm
Julia’s Kitchen & Lounge

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