This is a past event.


Child Abuse Prevention Month Virtual Kickoff

Even though we cannot physically come together to honor the beginning of Child Abuse Prevention Month 2020, we still all must be diligent and come together in any way that we can to renew our commitment to protecting all the children of Illinois.
The unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 has lead to many more high-risk situations for Child Abuse. Even in the age of social distancing we must still strive to spread as much helpful information as possible to ensure that all children receive the great childhoods they deserve.
It is in this spirit that Prevent Child Abuse Illinois, HSHS St. John's, Illinois DCFS and Safe Families for Children will present this virtual press conference to commemorate the beginning of the Child Abuse Prevention Month in 2020. Remarks will be filmed and cut together presented to act as a virtual kickoff press conference of sorts. The video will debut at 10:00AM on April 2 and will be available online after. Please join us in seeing our kickoff of Child Abuse Prevention Month 2020!

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