Springfield Municipal Opera’s third show is Shrek the Musical directed by Craig Williams II. Eight shows at The Muni will each come alive with large-scale special effects, say show organizers. Explains Williams, “From his swampy home, Shrek, with his extensive prosthetic makeup, will emerge to fight a 30-foot-long dragon that breathes smoke, flies around the stage and falls in love with a donkey, whose ears actually move. And don’t forget about Pinocchio, whose nose will grow right in front of the audience.” The stage production is based on the Oscar-winning film with everyone’s favorite ogre and spunky donkey. Aug. 14 and 21 are family and senior nights with reduced admission. Tickets are available at The Muni’s website, by phone or on-site 90 minutes prior to the show.

Shrek the Musical
Aug. 8-9, 14-16,
21-23, 8pm
The Muni
815 East Lake Drive

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