Oct. 20, 1971 - Aug. 18, 2019 

Grief shatters your world and the grief of the loss of my husband did just that. Though a lot of people believe he was only good for laughs, dirty jokes and pink bubble wrap, I knew better. Chuk was a man who was able to make you laugh when upset or smile when you were down. He was a true friend and showed that the idea of family was not just about sharing blood. The man I knew was a dad, a stepfather and a husband. Mostly he was my best friend. Chuk had been active in the local theater community for over 10 years. In that time, he helped to entertain audiences in performances of Little Women, The Nerd, Harvey, Robin Hood and others. He also worked as a custodian for Ball-Chatham School District 5 until his death. Chuk was a simple man with an amazing sense of humor, a deep love for friends and family and a talent that was seen on the stage and heard on the radio. Though I’m still shedding tears, I know that the love I and others had for Chuk will help keep his memory alive forever.  Submitted by his wife, Kelly E. Robertson

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