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We have not had a burger week since clear back in February and we think it is definitely about time to give it another run. The restaurants seem ready for another go at it, too. No less than 20 of them have signed up to try their hand at creating the most enticing of burger deliciousness.  And, therein lies the challenge – how do you fit 20 burgers into seven days? The answer? One beefy bite at a time. To get started, find the passport in this issue of Illinois Times. You will want to take it along with you as you visit the restaurants where you can get it stamped for a chance to win prizes.  Then, share your experience with us on social media. Finally, after at least three participating restaurants have stamped your passport, turn it in at any of the restaurants or at our office at 1240 S. Sixth St. So, do some planning. You have a busy week ahead. 217foodweek.com.

217 Burger Week
Aug 26-Sep 1, Mon-Sun
Participating restaurants

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