Celebrating Black lives through art

Springfield natives Micki Smith and KAS King have joined together to guest curate an exhibition featuring talented artists of color from Illinois, Missouri and Texas. The artists bring together a collection of 33 works of art celebrating Black lives – past, present and future. The Illinois State Museum (ISM) is presenting the exhibition in collaboration with Springfield's Juneteenth, Inc. According to museum director Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko, "This new partnership sets the stage for the kinds of exhibits and community conversations we want to have and share at the ISM. The ideas and connections developed through this partnership with Juneteenth, Inc. have felt like a gift, and our commitment to the community has grown even stronger." Juneteenth Inc.'s Cherena Douglass and Shymeka Gregory have co-written a history of Juneteenth and the museum will feature it on a history panel that will be mounted on the exterior of the building. The exhibition and history panel will available for viewing through July 25. illinoisstatemuseum.org.

May 28-July 25
Illinois State Museum
502 S. Spring St.
$5 adults ages 19-64
All others are free

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  • "Noir"

    @ Illinois State Museum

    Through July 6