The Cats are back! For anyone around the Springfield music scene from the 80s on, that can mean only one thing. Yes, that’s right, Cats on Holiday are back in town for a one night only Holiday show. Andon T. Davis Jr. (vocals, guitar), Joe T. Phegley (bass), Rick Snow (drums, vocals) and Perry Zubeck (keyboards, vocals) make up one of Springfield’s most iconic and popular bands. They ruled the roost back in the day for as long as they wanted to play. Other and former band members are a local who’s who, including Frank Huston, Brian Moore, John Sluzalis, Jim Lanier and John Taylor. The sound guys rated high as well, with the likes of Ric Major, Brian Boggs and Nick Bartolomucci twisting knobs for the CoH in their heyday. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the past, these guys just get better and better with age. Practice, schmactice. They hit a note and the groove is on as the whole place goes wild while the years melt away in the wonderful music.

Cats on Holiday
Tuesday, Dec. 23, 9pm
Boone’s Saloon

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