Shatriya Smith is attempting to walk the extra mile in support of Illinois’ 96th district Democratic state representative candidate Winston Taylor.

There’s just one problem: both of Smith’s feet are broken.

Smith, who is recovering from bunion surgery on both feet, is taking an old-school approach in her support of Taylor by going door-to-door and handing out leaflets in Springfield. Smith currently has a cast on each foot and uses a metal cane to assist her in walking from home to home in support of Taylor.

Smith, of 2040 Gregory Court, said she recently began handing out leaflets in her neighborhood.

“I support Mr. Taylor because he holds himself accountable and if he doesn’t know the answer to a question he simply answers I don’t know,” Smith said. 

Smith said she also supports Taylor’s policy of creating quality jobs.

Smith, an education specialist at The Hope Institute for Children and Families in Springfield, said that she began her support of Taylor on Jan.1 by sending out newsletters and making phone calls, but was receiving little response to her actions. So, she is now taking her support of Taylor to the streets and seeing if that draws a more immediate response.

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