This award-winning (2018 Ameripolitan Best Western Swing Act) music group peels back layers of time to present old-fashioned Western Swing music, while adding all the contemporary class necessary to make it plausible and pleasing. Praised by critics, fans and anybody within earshot, Carolyn Sills (bass, vocals) and the crew of Jimmy Norris (drums), Gerard Egan (guitar, vocals), Sunshine Jackson (vocals, percussion) and Charlie Joe Wallace (steel guitar) use all the right touches of outfits, attitude, musicianship and respect to bring this heralded music to life through living it honestly and well. On this particular tour through the Midwest from the combo’s California home, expect music in support of “Return to El Paso,” the upcoming album from CSC. The five-song concept project, recorded by producer-engineer Sylvia Massy, is set for a Nov. 1 release date and presents songs based on characters from El Paso, the famed 1959 crossover hit by Marty Robbins. Come on down and see these folks swing and sing a thing or two.

Carolyn Sills Combo
Friday, Oct. 18, 8 p.m.
Anvil and Forge
Brewing & Distilling Company
Bedrock 66 Live! Appreciation Show

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