This week, the 54th Annual International Carillon Festival plays host to 11 carillon concerts across five days by the world’s leading carillonneurs. All concerts are free of charge and will occur rain or shine. Individuals and families are encouraged to pack lawn chairs, blankets and picnic dinners, and enjoy the late spring evenings outside in Washington Park. The festival features five performers from around the world, three of whom are newcomers to this world-famous concert series. This year’s festival also features two student performers, Patrick Knox and Angela Paul-Pryer, who both began their carillon studies here in Springfield. Refreshments will be available for purchase on Friday and Saturday nights by Dew Chili Parlor (Friday) and the Rees Carillon Society (Saturday). The annual fireworks, which have been a part of the festival since 1980, are slated for Friday at 9:15 p.m. For more information about the International Carillon Festival, visit

54th Annual International Carillon Festival
June 3-7, 7-9pm Wed-Sun
Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
1740 W. Fayette Ave.

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