Carol Hopkins

May 21, 1949-March 27, 2021

Carol Hopkins was the receptionist for AgeLinc for many years, beginning in May of 2008 until her passing in March of this year. An incredibly hard worker, Carol retired from the Illinois Department of Public Health before beginning work at AgeLinc. To say that she was a shining light for our organization is an understatement. Her sunny attitude, wonderful sense of humor and concern for her co-workers and our clients made working with her every day a joy.

Carol married Joseph Hopkins on Sept. 9, 1995, and their relationship was one to envy. Joe doted on her, and they shared a great love for each other and their dog, Luke. Joe and Luke preceded her in death, and she missed them desperately. We can only take comfort that at least now they are together again.

She was one of the most positive people we have ever worked with and was extremely popular with our clients. We miss her every day.

Submitted by the AgeLinc staff

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