Carla Stroemer

June 13, 1932-July 3, 2021

I lost my mom and my best friend six months ago. She was an amazing person, funny and fun,

opinionated, political, religious and smart.

She lusted after Clark Gable, adored John Kennedy, worshipped Jesus Christ, idolized her father, enjoyed music, dancing, Jack Daniels and an occasional cigarette. She loved to read. She loved to collect. She also loved a good party! She was an artist and an animal lover.

I was very fortunate to have my mom close so that my family and I could share her life. My girls grew up with her in their lives every day and we endured the ups and downs of life together. We spent quite a lot of time together.

I miss her every day and still can't believe she's gone. I sometimes expect to see her playing solitaire at the kitchen table or I want to tell her something and then I realize she's not here.

We had many adventures and laughed a lot. Her influence is reflected in every aspect of my being. She helped me to be a better person and instilled in me an appreciation of life and the importance of kindness.

I think her greatest gift was her ability to provide unconditional love in words,

actions, thoughts and prayers. I love you, Mom.

Submitted by her daughter, Karen Stroemer

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