Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters

Winners of the Rock Band award in our “Best of Springfield” poll for 2015, this band has steadily won a “Best of” category in music for the last several years. Considered the go-to popular band in central Illinois, there’s no doubt that bandmates J Bird Geech (drums, vocals), Peter Geech (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Majeeda Geech (lead vocals, percussion), Marc Geech (lead guitar, vocals), Buster Geech (bass, vocals), Joker Geech (keys, vocals) and Kerry Ginder (sound, noise complaints) bring a party to wherever they appear. Sponsored by Robert “Chick” Fritz Distributors, the Geech guys have a cool bus to haul themselves to gigs; they play cool disco, funk and 70s and 80s classic Top 40 songs; and they turn every place they play into a cool place to be. The success of the band comes from the combination of six individual characters that like each other and like to play music together – and do it so well. With some spiritual help from Chuck Norris, this self-proclaimed “band of misfits” keeps on keeping on playing crowd favorites for crowds everywhere.

Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters
Friday, Nov. 27, 8:30pm
The Blue Grouch
Saturday, Nov. 28, 7pm
Casey’s Pub

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