Capital City Visitor cover art entries, top 3 and cover reveal

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The annual Capital City Visitor cover art contest had more than 40 amazing entries this year, ranging from professional artists to students. We appreciate everyone's participation, even though only one could be used for the cover of CCVG.

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Winner – “With Malice Toward None” by Jane Bucci This illustration, an acrylic on Ampersand museum-grade board, is the artist's tribute to Lincoln's character. Jane Bucci is a freelance illustrator who started her career studying art at the Springfield Art Association. Jane and her husband, Mark Suszko, live in Springfield. 
click to enlarge Winner – “With Malice Toward None” by Jane Bucci
Winner – “With Malice Toward None” by Jane Bucci

Second place – “Lincoln in Illinois” by Erin Gonzalez Erin chose to depict Abraham Lincoln with different landscapes and images associated with his life while he lived in Illinois. She enjoys working with pen and ink, which was used in this drawing of Lincoln. According to Erin, she loves the amount of detail and value one can achieve through the use of this medium. Growing up, Erin’s grandmother often took her and her brother to the local Lincoln sites and she said that inspired her to complete this piece.
click to enlarge Second place – “Lincoln in Illinois” by Erin Gonzalez
Second place – “Lincoln in Illinois” by Erin Gonzalez

Third place – “Hip Abe” by Alex Rothschild In this modern interpretation, Abe is seen giving a thumbs up, along with a slight grin. The colors of the background are vibrant to emphasize the lively atmosphere Abe Lincoln brings to Springfield. Alex Rothschild is currently a freshman at Illinois State University with a major in engineering technology. He has created art his whole life through art classes, Springfield Art Association summer camps or his dorm. Alex has done several murals downtown and even created a business through the Sangamon CEO program to showcase murals for photo backdrops. He is thankful for all the opportunities both art and Springfield have given him to be where he is today and he wants to give back to the community in return.

click to enlarge Third place – “Hip Abe” by Alex Rothschild
Third place – “Hip Abe” by Alex Rothschild

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