Camp Care-A-Lot competing for $25,000 State Farm grant

click to enlarge Camp Care-A-Lot competing for $25,000 State Farm grant
A group of campers from Camp Care-A-Lot 2019.

You can help provide a life-changing experience for children living in poverty who have never experienced a camp or a summer vacation. Simply vote online for Camp Care-A-Lot from Aug. 18 to 27. Camp Care-A-Lot is the only cause in Springfield that made the cut for an opportunity to receive a $25,000 grant through the State Farm Neighborhood Assist program. Online voting will determine the final winners.

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program is a national initiative entering its 10th year The program accepts 2,000 submissions. A group of high school students narrows the submissions to the top 200 nationally. The final step is a national online voting competition to determine the top 40 causes which will each receive a $25,000 grant. 

Molly Berendt, executive director of Compass for Kids, submitted the nomination for Camp Care-A-Lot. The camp is under the umbrella of Compass for Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides innovative after-school and summer programs and support to underserved children. Camp Care-A-Lot is a five-day, four-night, residential camp experience that is free for under-served elementary students.

For over 26 years, Camp Care-A-Lot has offered a unique opportunity for low-income children to help them achieve their future goals and live healthier and safer lives. Staff provide an encouraging, loving and safe environment and concentrate on increasing feelings of self-worth.

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist program is highly competitive. Nevertheless, Berendt is optimistic. "We know we can do it. We've won it in the past," says Berendt. Individuals can vote every day, up to 10 votes per day, Aug. 18-27. The 10 votes can be used for one or multiple causes. For more information and to vote for Camp Care-A-Lot, go to

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