A longtime local banking executive has been charged with stealing more than $100,000. Nancy S. Richards, who was vice president of commercial lending at First Bankers Trust Co. for more than six years, made her first appearance in Sangamon County Circuit Court last week after being charged with two counts of forgery, one count of misappropriation of financial institution property and one count of financial institution fraud. According to charging papers, Richards, 59, wrongly took more than $100,000 from her employer and also committed forgery by presenting two phony checks, one for $11,975, the other for more than $12,200, to U.S. Bank that were drawn from First Bankers accounts. Charging papers provide few details on how the alleged theft was accomplished. Before going to work at First Bankers Trust in 2011, Richards was a commercial credit analyst for Security Bank. She also has worked for Hickory Point Bank and Trust and for Illini Bank in a local banking career that dates as far back as 1994. If convicted, Richards would be eligible for probation. The maximum sentence is 15 years. She is free after posting a $7,500 bond. No trial date has been set.

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