Generally considered one of the premier roots/blues keyboardists in the whole wide world, Bruce Katz has played with most everyone, including Delbert McClinton, Butch Trucks, Gregg Allman and Ronnie Earl, but he shines brightest when fronting his own band and playing his own stuff. Joined by longtime cohort guitarist Chris Vitarello, with Katz mostly tearing it up on a Hammond B3, a legion of critics and fans can attest to the dynamic power of this soulful group. His most recent release, Get Your Groove!, contains a collection of new songs and classic numbers infused with the killer Katz continuum that swings with the ease of heart-played experience and demonstrated nightly during the album tour. As a main musician on an upcoming acoustic collaboration from Alligator Records called Journeys to the Heart of the Blues and also appearing in December with members of the Allman Brothers’ extended circle to record a tribute to Gregg at the famed Levon Helms Studio in Woodstock, Bruce’s contributions are a tribute to his legacy as a true American bluesman musician.

Bruce Katz Band
Monday, Nov 12, 8pm
The Alamo
Illinois Central Blues Club
Blue Monday

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