a pure minded pedant of yore
(starts like a limerick don’t you
think? never fear) well this guy
purged ancient literature of any
offense he eliminated all such
tainted material but he was too
much a scholar to get rid of it
totally so he put it in appendices
that meant all us latin and greek
students didn’t have to search for
the naughty bits they were nicely
collected for us in one spot which
brings me to book banning and
other school ills when we lived in
rockford they were trying to oust
the superintendent a good one
I wrote a ballad the local paper
didn’t have guts to print though
I heard it was posted in their
newsroom one verse went thusly:
they’re reading stuff in high school
that they hadn’t ought to be
I haven’t seen the stories but
they’re pure pornography
and if you think that dirty words
are really something new then
look at old will shakespeare
and that smutty bible too –
if you fancy more rhymes ask
for the rest of the ballad with
chorus also the name of that busy
scholar has entered the language as
bowdlerize something IT doesn’t do

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