border babies poem #1 for June 28

I’m sure almost all of us are
heartsick heartsick heartsick at
the inhumane cruelty to children
families the ugliness our gutless
land has become our sewer ethics
fear for our grandkids great-grands
folks, I pose us this basic question
climate change is upon us we’re
living in a new geologic epoch of
our own making clever sapiens is
wrecking our only home no species
has managed to do this till now
so when our midwest turns into
another dustbowl when crops grow
only farther and farther north (though
ice and permafrost is melting at both
poles) when worldwide coasts will be
under seawater when the gulf stream
stands still the whole mass of humans
will be on the move ourselves included
where can we go to eke out a life
who will save our babes not the few
gated enclaves heavily stocked with
bread and bullets they’ll last a bit longer
plus cockroaches pigeons our world
will revert to a new evolution sans us
ponder china’s great wall, hadrian’s –
our earth already ozymandias-littered

©2018 Jacqueline Jackson

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