African American history in photos

A fresh look at many who shaped Springfield's character

By Karen Ackerman Witter

African Americans in Springfield is a new book by Mary Frances and Beverly Helm-Renfro of Springfield that brings to life African Americans who lived and worked in Springfield. Prominent African Americans who visited Springfield are also featured...

  • These honored dead

    A Memorial Day tribute to the unknown soldiers of the Civil War

    By Mark Flotow

  • Baseball is back

    Some spring training reading

    By Stuart Shiffman

  • Power and politics

    Ray Long's new book chronicles a House speaker's rise. And the beginning of his fall.

    By Jason Piscia

  • Thousand-Year Statehouse

    New book showcases the art, architecture and history of Springfield's palace of government

    By Cinda Ackerman Klickna

  • Dealing with dangerous ideas

    Free speech on trial at University of Illinois in the 1960s

    By Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein

  • The Black Man's President

    Abraham Lincoln's legacy on race, reconsidered, stands up to critics

    By James Krohe Jr.

  • Race in the world of sports

    New book takes on a tough subject, and "the illusion of progress"

  • Insane treatment of women

    Asylums became storehouses for wives who disagreed with husbands

    By Mary Bohlen

  • Upheaval in Alton

    Elijah Lovejoy, martyr to freedom of the press

    By Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein

  • The devil comes to Illinois

    You'll recognize the places, and some people

    By Karen Ackerman Witter

  • How did these women get this way?

    The lives of homeless women in Springfield

    By Len Naumovich

  • Memories of a state government insider

    Zack Stamp pens a memoir – Things as I Remember Them

    By Karen Ackerman Witter

  • From Rochester to the world stage

    The virtuoso violinist, and how he got from here to there

    By Cinda Ackerman Klickna

  • Punks on the prairie

    New book explores the building of a scene in central Illinois

    By Rachel Otwell

  • House divided

    The marriage of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd was not made in heaven

    By James Krohe Jr

  • C.T. Vivian was "in the action"

    Civil rights leader's memoir covers formative Illinois years

    By Rachel Otwell

  • Brush up on baseball history

    A new volume on the post-WWII era, when baseball was forever transformed

    By Stuart Shiffman

  • Springfield's back yard

    Lake Springfield's story is told in a fun new history

    By James Krohe Jr

  • It's a long way from Guyana to Springfield

    A new memoir traces an immigrant's journey of faith and kindness

    By Karen Ackerman Witter

  • Compass Zooming Book Club

    Thursday night means children reading from their own books

    By Cinda Ackerman Klickna