click to enlarge Local illustrator Carol Weems showing off a bold 70s-style print dress from Springfield Vintage. - PHOTO BY JOSEPH COPLEY. CLOTHING AND STYLE BY LINDA RENEHAN.
Photo by Joseph Copley. Clothing and style by Linda Renehan.
Local illustrator Carol Weems showing off a bold 70s-style print dress from Springfield Vintage.

Miniskirts, floral shift dresses, sleeveless jumper dresses – there's a reason the 70s is considered one of the most stylish decades. "Bold colors, big earrings, big hair – everything had a little more attitude," says Linda Renehan of Springfield Vintage in downtown Springfield. "You are post-Kent State, post-Woodstock. There is a little more unrest in the 70s – which is similar to today. Fashion was pushing more boundaries and everyone wanted their voice heard.

"In the 70s you're getting a lot more poly two-pieces," says Renehan. "The 60s was more cotton. So the 70s took the same thing and gussied it up with different patterns and prints. The decade was defined by polyester, the new man-made fabric popular for its ability to withstand wrinkles and staining. "Polyester is nice and fake so it lasts longer – which is why there are a lot of 70s clothes still out there. It's not falling apart."

Fashion of the decade was a mishmash of old and new styles. Nostalgia for the look of the 20s and 30s also had a big influence on fashion in the 70s. "You would also see a lot of gingham and Gunne Sax dresses," says Renehan. "Now that's a brand. To this day people still want Gunne Sax dresses. That prairie style with ruffles and pleats."

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