click to enlarge Local actor Reggie Guyton showing off a a 60s style suit, shirt and necklace purchased atSpringfield Vintage. - PHOTO BY JESSE JAEMS/MISTER SISTER PHOTOGRAPHY. MAKEUP BY EMILIE PEARL OF STUDIO STREGA.
Photo by Jesse Jaems/Mister Sister Photography. Makeup by Emilie Pearl of Studio Strega.
Local actor Reggie Guyton showing off a a 60s style suit, shirt and necklace purchased atSpringfield Vintage.

Setting the tone for modern style, the trends of the 60s are still popular today. Bold colors and striking cuts defined the decade in fashion. "When I choose things for my shop I try to find pieces that look current, look classic," says Linda Renehan of Springfield Vintage in downtown Springfield. "And I think that's where with 60s style especially you can come off and look pretty nice."

A favorite by the mods of the decade, breezy shift dresses are still very popular today. "A lot of people are liking shift dresses," says Renehan. "That nicely draped fitted dress. They are looking for something that is very Jackie-O." Bright pastel shades and playful patterns became iconic with Onassis and exemplified her chic yet simple style.

The mod look to Bohemian style, men's bold and unique fashion from the 60s never goes out of style. "I think what's really fun about men's style is that it's always the same. But just a little bit different in the cut and the quality of fabric," says Renehan. Vintage shopping in particular can be very satisfying for men with smaller frames. "The biggest problem is our bodies have changed," says Renehan. The average person today tends to wear larger sizes in comparison to the clothes in the 60s. "You go to a department store today and they don't carry a men's small," Renehan explains. "Smaller guys have so much more success here because things were cut smaller back then." –Joseph Copley

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